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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 January 2007, 20:03 GMT
Special delivery for postbox boy
Gareth Scott
Gareth Scott loves postboxes
An eight-year-old autistic boy with an obsession with postboxes is celebrating his own special delivery.

Gareth Scott, of Stockport, Greater Manchester, has had a specially-adapted pillar box made by the firm which supplies Royal Mail.

They met a request by Gareth's mother Denise by making him a smaller version of the official box, for easy reach, with personalised collection times.

His grandfather Herbie Roberts said the gesture was "wonderful".

Gareth's language is limited, but one of the words he can say is postbox, and his mother said his favourite trips out are to see his different examples.

Stockport-based firm Romec made the box and delivered it to the family's home.

Gareth Scott with his mum, Denise, and their new postbox
The postbox has been personalised for Gareth

Mr Roberts said: "I was absolutely flabbergasted. I don't know who was more excited - me Gareth, or his mum.

"It's certainly a wonderful thing that they have done. I'm indebted to them, we are ever so grateful that they have made my grandson a very happy little boy."

The postbox now has pride of place in the back garden.

Nigel Fitzhenry, from Romec, said: "When we got the letter it was such a lovely letter and we were in a position to make his dreams come true, we couldn't not do it."


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