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War veteran attacked by burglar
Joe Kershaw - photo courtesy of GMP
Joseph Kershaw was beaten about the head with his own walking stick
A 92-year-old deaf man was hit over the head with a vase and beaten with his own walking stick by a burglar.

War veteran Joseph Kershaw, who is partially deaf, was watching television at his home in Lees in Oldham, Greater Manchester, when he was attacked.

But he refused to give in to the burglar's demands for money and the intruder eventually left empty-handed.

The pensioner suffered cuts to his head and was taken to hospital. Police said the attack was "truly shocking".

Mr Kershaw was targeted at his Stamford Street home on Monday afternoon.

This was a truly shocking attack on a defenceless and frail elderly man in his own home
Det Ch Insp Mary Doyle

Police believe two offenders may have been involved - one who carried out the attack and an accomplice who waited outside.

The pensioner had left his door unlocked because he was waiting for his daily visit from a carer to help treat an eye condition.

The burglar hit him from behind with a vase, which he had taken from an upstairs windowsill.

Mr Kershaw put his hands up in self defence but was then hit repeatedly on the head with his walking stick. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

Det Ch Insp Mary Doyle, of Greater Manchester Police (GMP), said: "This was a truly shocking attack on a defenceless and frail elderly man in his own home.

"We want to take this opportunity to remind residents, particularly vulnerable and elderly people, to keep their doors locked, even during the day."

Both men are described as white, aged about 18. One was about 6ft tall and wore dark clothing and the other was 5ft 8in tall and wore a white cap.

The war veteran's daughter describes what happened

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