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Last Updated: Monday, 4 December 2006, 21:59 GMT
Support officer stabbed in neck
Map of Elizabeth Avenue in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester
A police community support officer who was stabbed in the neck remains in a critical condition after undergoing a second emergency operation.

The 47-year-old man had been helping a housing organisation in Greater Manchester with an eviction when he was stabbed at about 1030 GMT.

He was taken to hospital for surgery but returned to theatre when he deteriorated in intensive care.

A 63-year-old man from Stalybridge has been arrested on suspicion of wounding.

The PCSO, who has not been named, was attempting to serve an eviction notice on a man at Elizabeth Avenue, in Stalybridge, when the attack took place.

Staff and bailiffs representing New Charter Housing Association had requested a police presence while they carried out the eviction.

Eviction notice

Deputy Chief Constable Dave Whatton, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "Police officers and the local police community support officer had arranged to attend while the eviction was being carried out.

"The police community support officer arrived before the police officers.

"A conversation then took place between those present from the Housing Association and the police community support officer and a man.

"A short time later the man came out of the house and attacked those present.

"He lunged with a knife and cut the police community support officer on the neck."

The man, who is among some 7,000 PCSOs across the UK, was not wearing a stab-proof vest or body-armour at the time of the attack.

Community support officers are uniformed civilians who work alongside regular police constables.

Their job is to carry out high visibility patrols, reassure local communities of a police presence and gather intelligence. In some forces they also help with tasks such as evictions.

A statement by Greater Manchester Police

Support officers' stab vest fear
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