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Pie muncher eats his way to top
Winner Brendan Brockbank
Mr Brockbank won the meat and vegetarian contests
A teenager has been crowned king of the pie eaters after polishing off two pies in an annual contest in Wigan.

Barman Brendan Brockbank, 18, was thought to be a rank outsider in the World Pie Eating Championships.

But he managed to eat his meat and potato pie in one minute and 18 seconds - before entering and winning the vegetarian pie eating contest as well.

New rules were in place this year so the contest was based on how quickly one pie was eaten rather than how many.

Gravy was also banned after complaints it gave an "unfair lubricative advantage".

The contest - known locally as "pie noon" - was held at lunchtime in Harry's Bar in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

I'm not really a big eater of pies
Brendan Brockbank

This is the first year the event has featured a vegetarian option and insiders admitted it was unlikely to be repeated next year.

Competition spokesman Iain Macauley said: "Quite frankly we came under pressure from the Vegetarian Society to introduce a meat-free pie and I am sorry to say we crumbled.

"The vegetarian pie is made with broccoli, sweetcorn and carrots. It is much smaller than the meat alternative and is even made of low-fat pastry.

"It's making a mockery of the whole competition."

Mr Brockbank, who vowed to return next year, said: "I am as astonished as you are that I won. I'm not really a big eater of pies.

"I didn't really have an eating strategy when I started but I worked out a system about half way through.

"I just chewed and swallowed as much as I could, as fast as I could."

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