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Mother makes plea over gun crime
Barbara Reid, mother of Jessie James
Barbara Reid says she wants to help tackle gun culture
The mother of murdered teenager Jessie James has urged the government to tackle gun crime, saying "the children are running riot".

Barbara Reid, mother of 15-year-old Jessie who was shot in Moss Side, Manchester, told the BBC she wanted to help tackle gun culture.

Her son was shot three times last month as he cycled on his bike near a park.

Mrs Reid said that youngsters should be enlisted in the army to be "cultured, disciplined and educated".

A life celebration service was held for Jessie last week, as police made a renewed appeal for information on the Raby Street shooting, in the early hours of 9 September.

Detectives say vital witnesses have yet to come forward.

Jessie James
Jessie James was shot three times on Raby Street, Moss Side

On BBC One's Heaven and Earth, Mrs Reid said that her son was out late because he had been given permission to go to a party.

She said: "I want the government to give back the power to the people, because the government has taken the power from the people and given it to the children.

"The children are running riot, across the country."

Mrs Reid said that youngsters should have to join the army, "so they can be strong men".

Detectives said Jessie had nothing to do with gang culture and was simply in the "wrong place at the wrong time".

'Misery caused'

A Home Office spokeswoman said tough new laws were being introduced to combat gun crime - including banning replica guns.

"The Government is fully committed to tackling gun crime and the misery it causes to individuals and the wider community," she said.

"That is why we are introducing tough new measures through the Violent Crime Reduction Bill, such as a ban on the sale, manufacture and importation of realistic imitation firearms.

"There is much more to be done and we continue to work with the police, community groups and other partners to take guns off of our streets."

Jessie James' mother speaks at his funeral service

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