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Last Updated: Sunday, 22 October 2006, 13:55 GMT 14:55 UK
Railway station damaged in blaze
A waiting room, footbridge and booking hall have been destroyed in a fire at a railway station.

The line through Guide Bridge station in Tameside, Greater Manchester, was closed following Sunday's fire.

Train services through the station were suspended for the day, affecting the line between Manchester Piccadilly and Hadfield/Glossop.

A replacement bus service ran between Manchester Piccadilly and Flowery Field, said Network Rail.

A Network Rail spokesman said the fire broke out on a wooden footbridge.

The line through Guide Bridge will reopen on Monday but trains will not be stopping at the station for the most of the week.

The Network Rail said it will affect services on the Manchester Piccadilly to Hadfield/Glossop line and the Manchester Piccadilly to Rose Hill Marple line.

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