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Jail term for student bomb maker
Edward Mattison
Mattison admitted the charges at an earlier hearing
A chemistry student who made a homemade explosive favoured by suicide bombers has been jailed for 14 months.

Edward Mattison, 21, from Salford, was obsessed with explosives and filmed a detonation of a huge home-made bomb, Manchester Crown Court heard.

He was caught after detonating a device in his garage at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, on 30 May 2005.

Mattison, of Brereton Drive, admitted three charges of possessing explosive substances and one of making them.

Mattison's interest in explosives was discovered when a neighbour heard an explosion and found his garage door blown off its hinges.

He claimed it was a "big firework" but police called in the bomb squad.

Residents left their homes and a controlled explosion was carried out.

One chemical involved, known as the "Mother of Satan" because it is dangerously unstable, was used in the 7 July London bombings and by Palestinian suicide bombers.

Bomb disposal team
Any offence involving the use or preparation of explosive material is serious
Judge Adrian Lyon

Had it ignited it would have killed or injured anyone in the vicinity, Gary Woodhall, prosecuting, told the court.

When police checked his computer, they found Mattison was a contributor to two websites used by amateur explosives enthusiasts.

They also found a video clip showing him setting off a bomb in a deserted field by the M60 motorway which left an 8ft crater.

Officers also discovered that he had downloaded child pornography images.

'Lesson learned'

Jamie Hamilton, defending, said the child porn was accessed on only one occasion "out of curiosity".

"His only motivation was thrill-seeking and in interest in chemistry. This has been a salutary lesson to him," he said.

Mattison was jailed for 14 months, to run concurrently, on each charge of possessing an explosive substance. There was no separate penalty for the making an explosive substance charge.

He also pleaded guilty to downloading indecent images of children, and was given a conditional discharge for two years.

Judge Adrian Lyon, sentencing, said: "Any offence involving the use or preparation of explosive material is serious.

"The fact remains, material found in your bedroom was enormously dangerous to you and anyone else living in the vicinity."

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