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Tumble dryer fireman apologises
Andy Bruce, picture courtesy of the Manchester Evening News
Mr Bruce has served with the fire and rescue service for four years
A firefighter who was involved in a prank in which he was spun in a tumble dryer has apologised for his actions.

Andy Bruce, 33, was filmed climbing into the machine at Blackley fire station in Manchester before it was switched on.

Senior fire officers described the incident as foolish and dangerous.

Mr Bruce, who lives in Radcliffe, Bury, has not been suspended but he is likely to face disciplinary charges, the fire service said.

"I am the person in the video, and I'm very sorry," Mr Bruce said.

"I'm fully complying with the internal investigation."

Andy Bruce in tumble dryer, picture courtesy of the Manchester Evening News
Footage showed the fireman spinning around in a tumble drier
Mr Bruce, who has served with the brigade for four years, together with two other officers, will be questioned about the incident, which was condemned by Assistant County Fire Officer Steve Beckley as being "reckless" and "stupid".

Mr Beckley said: "When I first saw the footage I was horrified that any of our firefighters would think this was an acceptable practice.

"The majority of our firefighters are very professional and put their lives on the line every day."

Asked if those involved would be sacked, he said: "I do not wish to speculate but it is a very serious matter for us.

Disciplinary hearing

"There are number of issues to consider including health and safety and the reputation of the fire service.

"Because of the types of things we have to deal with in our service as firefighters those responsible would be aware of the dangers of doing this."

In the video, Mr Bruce climbs in the machine which is then switched on and he is turned over inside it several times as colleagues laugh in the background.

A full disciplinary hearing is likely to take place within two weeks.

The Fire Brigades Union is refusing to comment until the fire service investigation has been carried out.

Footage of fireman taking a spin in a tumble dryer

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