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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 May 2006, 16:17 GMT 17:17 UK
Print firm sheds half workforce
Goss at Preston - picture courtesy of Goss International
Goss says manufacturing will be carried out at other sites
A printing firm has announced it is making more than half its Lancashire workforce redundant.

Goss International, based in Preston, is shedding 179 staff out of a workforce of 346.

The Amicus union says the majority of the job losses are in the manufacturing sector and has pledged to save as many posts as possible.

Goss says that the site, at Greenbank Street, will focus on research and development and project management.

Amicus will be doing all it can to assist our members at the plant and save as many jobs as is possible
Tony Burke

Manufacturing will switch to mainland Europe or America.

A spokesman for Goss International said the jobs losses were "significantly less than originally discussed".

He added: "The balance between compulsory and voluntary redundancies will be finalised over the coming weeks as a number of new positions have been created as part of the new business structure, and employees will have the opportunity to apply for these new roles."

Amicus assistant general secretary, Tony Burke, said: "Goss has said 179 of its 346 staff would be made redundant, leaving 159 staff at the Lancashire plant.

"Amicus will be doing all it can to assist our members at the plant and save as many jobs as is possible."

Mr Burke said the union aimed to save 15 of the 155 jobs which will be lost in manufacturing.

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