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Genocide suspect discovered in UK
Emmanuel Nteziryayo
Emmanuel Nteziryayo denies he was involved in the genocide
A man accused of committing genocide during the massacres in Rwanda in 1994 has been found in the UK.

Emmanuel Nteziryayo has been living as an asylum seeker in Manchester under a false name.

Mr Nteziryayo has denied the accusation and told the BBC he fought the militia groups who carried out the killings.

Up to 800,000 people died in the African country after simmering racial tensions between the dominant Tutsi minority and majority Hutus erupted.

Mr Nteziryayo said: "I was fighting with [those against the militia]. Two or three times they wanted to kill me."

'Cheat justice'

But Gatete Claver, Rwandan Ambassador to the UK, said Mr Nteziryayo was involved in organising the militia groups responsible for the genocide.

"So many Rwandans died at his hands, " he told the BBC.

"He had ensured that many people did not escape in his own area and that's why he is very much feared."

But Mr Nteziryayo said: "I am innocent and I'm ready to prove that in court."

He however, refuses to return home to face trial "because the justice system in Rwanda is not fair".

Mr Nteziryayo could face the death penalty if he is convicted in court in Rwanda.

Although some of those involved in the genocide have been prosecuted, up to 100 people are being sought by the Rwandan authorities, who say they fled abroad to "cheat justice" after the killings.

Although the UK has no extradition treaty with the country, the Home Office said: "That's no absolute bar to someone being sent back".

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