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Traffic wardens 'target' mourners
Maureen Cain
Maureen Cain said she was heartbroken
A widow has accused traffic wardens of insensitivity after 15 mourners at her husband's funeral got parking tickets.

Maureen Cain said she was heartbroken after friends attending her husband Ron's funeral at Our Lady of Grace church, Prestwich received penalties.

Parish priest Monsignor John Allen said parking attendants do not seem to have sympathy for his parishioners.

Bury Council said it planned to check when large services are set to take place at the church.

Mr Cain's funeral attracted hundreds of mourners who packed the church in Fairfax Road.

A nearby car park was so full that those attending the Mass had to park outside marked bays.

Monsignor John Allen
The worst was when the hearse itself got a parking ticket
Monsignor John Allen

His family said some of those who attended the funeral pleaded with the traffic wardens but were ignored.

''To think that I could not bury my husband without hearing from my best friends that when they came out instead of saying hello and sympathising - what do they have to do? Read parking tickets," said Mrs Cain.

"I was heartbroken. I was upset.''

The church has had parking problems since a new block of flats was built across the road, because builders and residents snap up spaces.

Mgr Allen said parking tickets are a regular occurrence at funerals.

"The worst was when the hearse itself got a parking ticket," he said, of a previous funeral.

A Bury Council spokesman said "It is very unfortunate but we do have parking regulations and we weren't to know that so many people were attending the funeral."

See the church where even a hearse gets a parking ticket

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