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Policy change after ectopic error
Kela Hughes
Kela Hughes was sent away when appendicitis tests were negative
A hospital in Greater Manchester has changed its procedures after sending home a woman who had life-threatening pregnancy complications.

Kela Hughes went to the A&E department at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport with stomach pains - but was sent away when appendicitis tests were negative.

She was rushed back three weeks later and underwent emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, losing her baby.

The Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has written to Ms Hughes to apologise.

Ms Hughes, 27, from Romiley, had been trying for a baby with her husband Stewart for more than three years.

She has two children from a previous relationship but now has only a 50% chance of conceiving again.

Stepping Hill Hospital
We have contacted Kela Hughes and a meeting has been arranged with her to discuss her concerns
Dr Chris Burke, chief executive

"I was a walking timebomb because literally what could have happened - the worst case scenario - is that I could have dropped down dead in the street..." she said.

"The operation should have taken under an hour but I was in there for about four due to complications."

Ms Hughes is due to return for a six to eight week check-up after the surgery, but said she was "too scared".

In its letter to Ms Hughes, the trust said it had carried out an investigation into the case and, as a result, changed its A&E policy.

The letter said that all pregnant women, in a similar condition to Kela, will now be examined by an obstetrician and a gynaecologist, rather than a regular doctor.

Dr Chris Burke, chief executive, said: "We have contacted Kela Hughes and a meeting has been arranged with her to discuss her concerns."

An ectopic pregnancy is a condition where the baby grows in the fallopian tubes rather than the womb.

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