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Garden tribute to Shipman victims
The Garden of Tranquillity in Hyde
The garden was designed by a Hyde resident
A Garden of Tranquility honouring the victims of mass murderer Harold Shipman opened officially on Saturday.

Family and friends of the killer GP's victims gathered in Hyde Park, Hyde, Gtr Manchester, for the ceremony.

Designer, Hyde-born Mel Chantrey, said it was "a place for people to reflect on life and enjoy the open space".

Shipman, who is believed to have killed 250 patients, was jailed for life in 2000. The 57-year-old was found hanged in his prison cell four years later.

It is about drawing a line under the events which happened in Hyde
Coun Joe Kitchen, Shipman victim's son

The killings took place between 1971 and 1998. Many of Shipman's victims died while he worked as a family doctor in Hyde.

Among those at the service were Tameside councillor Joe Kitchen, and Angela Woodruff, whose mothers were killed by Shipman.

Mr Kitchen, 47, said that the garden was a place where he could celebrate his mother Alice's life.

Angela Woodruff
Angela Woodruff said the name of the garden is fitting.

"This is not a day to be sad, it is a day to be happy and to celebrate the lives of our loved ones," he said.

"It is about drawing a line under the events which happened in Hyde.

"A garden like this gives us the chance to say goodbye to our loved ones which we sadly didn't have the opportunity to do at the time because they were taken away from us by someone who should have known better."

Mrs Woodruff, 60, whose 81-year-old mother Kathleen Grundy was murdered by Shipman in June 1998, described the garden, which is full of roses and herbs, as beautiful.

The Warwickshire solicitor said: "The name of the garden is very fitting because it is so peaceful and calm and people who come here will go away not feeling sad but feeling calm."


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