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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 July, 2005, 15:08 GMT 16:08 UK
Bakery cooks up crust-free bread
Hovis crust-free bread
Hovis says that 35% of mothers cut off bread crusts for their children
Children who refuse to eat their bread crusts will soon have a "world-first" alternative loaf.

Hovis' new Invisible Crust is made by baking the bread at a lower temperature to prevent the outside from hardening.

The loaf, developed under the codename Project Curly, is a response to demand from children who prefer to eat crust-free sandwiches.

Hovis says the loaf, baked in Wigan, Greater Manchester, is the first in the world because of the cooking process.

Although crustless bread is already available overseas it is created by cutting the crust off after baking, Hovis said.

Same ingredients

Paul Molyneux, technical director for the company, said the crustless loaves contained exactly the same ingredients as their standard Hovis equivalents.

"The challenge for this product was to get the baking process right," he said.

"In conventional baking you put a lot of heat on the outside of the loaf. This is about gentle baking which gets the heat throughout the loaf. It requires a lot of control."

Consumer research carried out for Hovis showed that 35% of British mothers cut off bread crusts for their children.

The new loaf was developed under the codename Project Curly as a reference to the myth that eating crusts makes hair curly.

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