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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 12:57 GMT
'Dog dirt slur' on packet of ham
A man has been arrested by police investigating how dog poo came to be listed on the ingredients of a packet of sliced ham.

Detectives were called after reports that the words were found on the label of a 300g packet of the cooked meat, bought in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Meat manufacturer HR Hargreaves & Son, from Salford, Greater Manchester, is recalling the products.

A 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of tampering with the label.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "A 21-year-old man from Salford, Greater Manchester, was arrested on suspicion of making claims to have made goods appear contaminated."

The man was bailed by police as detectives continued to investigate.

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