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Spikey humour deters car thieves
Dave Spikey on a Bolton car park
The messages are triggered by sensors near the parking spaces
A comedian's one-liners will be helping to ward off car thieves via a talking parking sign.

Comic Dave Spikey - most famous for his role as Jerry St Clair in Phoenix Nights - is voicing the audio signs in his home town of Bolton.

His message will be triggered by sensors and remind drivers to lock their cars and remove valuables.

Spikey has "reworked" the standard messages to add in his own brand of humour.

The six talking signs have been funded by Bolton Council, but will be monitored by BSAFE - the Safer Bolton Strategic Partnership.

Lock away your shopping bags
You look like a big spender
Put them in the boot right now
They're tempting an offender

Dave Spikey's new version of his song "Black bin bags"

"I'm all for what the BSAFE partnership is trying to achieve in terms of reducing crime and making the community safer, and this seems a great way of getting involved," Spikey said.

"I hope that by using humour, people will think twice about what is being said and hopefully take a few moments to ensure their car and property is secure so that they do not become a victim of crime."

The messages include: "Police warning! Do not leave valuables on display in your car. And for goodness sake don't hide them under the seat - that's the first place they look.

"They may be thieves - doesn't make 'em thick."

A second says: "Hi Dave Spikey here. Have you locked your car? Better check eh? You know what you're like. I'm the same, I'm sure I've left the iron plugged in at home.

Extension planned

"You'll only get to the shops, then panic, drop your sprouts and dash back to check."

The announcements will be used on car parks at Johnson Street, Breightmet Street and Pool Street, but may be extended to other areas.

They also include a version of Spikey's "Black Bin Bags" song, to the tune of Will Smith's Men in Black.

The original version featured in Phoenix nights when Spikey's character was forced to work as a promotional singer at his local supermarket.

Dave Spikey both starred in and co-wrote Channel Four series with fellow Bolton comic Peter Kay.

Watch Dave Spikey talking about the talking parking signs in Bolton.

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