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Salford's shocking image makeover
One of the 'shocking' campaign posters
Salford's green spaces and waterways are promoted
Salford is "full of pondlife," a new national marketing campaign promoting the city has claimed.

The posters, which refer to the city's waterways, also declare that "there's tons of grass" in Salford, to highlight its green space.

The unusual promotion, launched on Tuesday, aims to dispel the negative industrial and high-crime image of Manchester's neighbouring city.

The city council said the promotion should "confront prejudices".

One third of the UK's population lives within two hours' travel time of the city
Artist LS Lowry is Salford's most famous son
It covers 37sq miles and 220,000 people live there
The city's Lowry hotel is a favourite of the rich and famous and was Greater Manchester's first five-star hotel
It takes less than 60 seconds to walk from Manchester to Salford

Salford wants visitors and businesses to recognise the city's proximity to Manchester, its waterways, green spaces, arts and theatres and its ease of access to the motorway network.

The posters' claims also include "public hangings are back", to promote art, and "you're never far from a main artery", which highlights the city's motorway links.

John Merry, leader of Salford City Council, said: "Our One Shocking City campaign is part of a long term strategy to raise the profile of Salford, to confront prejudices and reinforce the area's attributes.

"We are constantly surrounded by cities selling their key assets in this way and we want to set ourselves apart.

Salford Quays (c) Freefoto
Salford's image has undergone rapid change in recent years

"We thought the creative messages showed a real contrast to this, while effectively delivering the message that Salford has a great deal to offer."

The campaign will be run nationally in newspapers and on the internet, and posters will be up at Euston station in London and major tube stations.

A guidebook has also been produced to show off Salford to visitors, businesses and potential investors.

Warren Smith, chairman of LPC Living, one of the partners in the campaign, said: "One Shocking City, like Salford, is bold and imaginative.

"Salford is a well-kept secret, it is moving forward very fast. It is a city with vision and ambition."

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