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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 January 2006, 11:44 GMT
Plans for second M6 toll laid out
Plans to improve the M6 between Cheshire and the West Midlands will be set out by the Highways Agency.

Two options are being considered - either to widen the existing motorway or build a new toll road alongside it.

The Highways Agency was asked by government ministers to study options to increase the capacity of the road between Knutsford and Cannock.

The agency will meet local councils, emergency services and other interested groups on Tuesday to discuss the plans.

'Long overdue'

A government consultation on plans for a second toll road in the UK received little public backing in July 2005.

Drivers pay to drive along the 27-mile route, formerly known as the Birmingham Northern Relief Road.

The National Alliance Against Tolls said the road expansion is "long overdue".

"There are different views as to whether existing roads should be widened or a new road built," it said in a statement.

"But a new toll road is not wanted by anybody.

"This was demonstrated again in December when the traffic on the existing M6 Toll fell for the seventh month in a row."

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