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Last Updated: Monday, 9 May, 2005, 18:29 GMT 19:29 UK
Amazonian chief gives 'rare talk'
Kuissi, chief of the Suya village
Kuissi, chief of the Suya village, is worried about the future
An Amazonian chief from Brazil is visiting the University of Manchester to talk about the preservation of his people's dying culture and language.

The university says it is a rare chance for the public to talk to the Suya people, from the Xingu national park.

The university's Centre for Latin American Cultural Studies and School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures is hosting the event on Tuesday.

Professor Dan Everett plans to develop educational resources for the Suya.

It is hoped the resources will help enable them to record and preserve their own language.

Member of the Suya community
The Suya hope to set up initiatives aimed at sustaining their way of life

Mr Everett, Professor of Phonetics and Phonology at the University of Manchester, aims to establish a grammar written of the Suya language, and to write a dictionary.

"The Chief of the village, Kuissi, is so concerned with the endangerment of the Suya culture and languages that he now feels it necessary to begin developing long-term friendships and relationships with international partners," said Mr Everett.

It is hoped the visit will establish charitable donations to help the Suya set up local initiatives aimed at sustaining their way of life.

These would include purchasing a vehicle so the Suya can patrol their reservation and, working through government-approved organisations in Brazil, establishing a sustainable industry, such as honey production and fish farming.


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