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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005, 01:28 GMT
Jet captain blamed for collision
Excel Airways Boeing 767 - picture courtesy of Freefoto.com
The Excel Airways plane was due to fly to India
A passenger jet captain who crashed into another plane at an airport has been criticised in a report.

An Excel Airways Boeing 767 was taxiing at Manchester Airport on 4 November 2004 when its wing struck the tail of a bmibaby Boeing 737.

The passengers, who were waiting to fly to Belfast, reported hearing "a loud noise accompanied by severe shaking".

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch said the 50-year-old pilot should have seen and avoided the 737.

None of the 255 passengers on the Excel plane or the 74 passengers on board the 737 were injured and all were evacuated safely.

Captain fainted

Shortly after the collision, the captain of the 767, which was due to fly to Goa, in India, fainted.

The AAIB report said this was due to shock rather than any underlying medical condition.

The air traffic controller was also cleared of wrongdoing.

Earlier, the Boeing 767 crew had dealt with other problems, including two drunken passengers who were removed from the aircraft under police escort.

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