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Last Updated: Friday, 28 October 2005, 17:53 GMT 18:53 UK
Drink-driver chauffeured judges
A chauffeur who was stopped for drink driving had two judges in the back of the car, a court heard.

Ex-detective Dallas Suttie was twice the drink-drive limit while taking the judges to Manchester Cathedral.

Suttie, 63, of Oldham, admitted drink driving and was banned for 20 months at the city's magistrates court.

District Judge Peter Ward, a passenger, was due to hear the case before it was rearranged, the court heard. District Judge John Prowse was also in the car.

Smelled drink

Both were unavailable for comment.

Suttie, of Hollins Road, Hollins, was fined 250 with 50 costs and offered an anti-drink driving course, which could reduce his ban, if successful, to 15 months.

The court heard Suttie, who had been a policeman for 33 years, 27 of them in CID, had been driving a limousine leading a convoy of cars filled with judges and court officials earlier this month.

Officers smelled drink on his breath when they were telling him where to park and breathalysed him.

His test, which took place at 1000 BST, showed him to be twice the legal limit.

Robert Vinning, defending, said Suttie had been drinking the night before and had not drunk any alcohol before going to pick up the two judges.

Mr Vinning added his client's marriage had collapsed, causing him to suffer depression.

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