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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 October 2005, 16:18 GMT 17:18 UK
Shop owner was 'beaten to death'
Mi Gao Huang Chen
Mi Gao Huang Chen died in hospital five days after the attack
A Chinese takeaway owner was beaten to death by a gang of teenagers, Liverpool Crown Court has heard.

Mi Gao Huang Chen, 41, was punched, kicked, stamped on and beaten with weapons outside his shop, the Superb Hut, in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Five boys and a girl, all aged 15 and 16, were charged with the murder of Mi Gao Huang Chen, known as Michael.

Two of the boys pleaded guilty to murder. The other four have pleaded not guilty to murder. None can be named.

Prosecution barrister David Steer QC told the jury how the attack on Mi Gao Huang Chen took place during a confrontation between him and a large group of youths shortly after 2300 BST on Saturday 23 April.

The blows landed were forceful, deliberate and plain to see
David Steer, prosecuting
Mi Gao Huang Chen was with his girlfriend Ming Yan Jia, known as Eileen, and his chef, known only as Wah, during the confrontation.

All were armed at some point with either a spanner, stick or bottle.

The youths were also armed with weapons, including a garden spade, a garden hoe, sticks, a branch and large wooden stakes.

Mr Steer explained that the three takeaway workers had initially chased the gang from outside the shop onto a nearby housing estate, but were forced to retreat.

They had retreated nearly all the way back to the shop when Mi Gao Huang Chen was set upon. He was kicked to the ground and beaten with sticks.

All the male defendants were said to have landed some form of blow on Mi Gao Huang Chen.

Mr Steer said: "The blows landed were forceful, deliberate and plain to see."
Mi Gao Huang Chen's takeaway in Scholes
The attack happened near Mi Gao Huang Chen's takeaway

Most of the build-up to the attack, and the beating itself, was caught on CCTV cameras. The film of Mr Chen's death was shown to the jury six times, each time with a different defendant circled.

The two boys who have already pleaded guilty to murder could be seen attacking Mr Chen.

Additionally, a male youth is seen taking Mr Chen's stick from him and striking him with it. He then used it to strike Mr Chen's girlfriend as she tried to protect him.

Another boy is shown stamping repeatedly on Mr Chen's head.

A third boy is seen to kick Mr Chen to the ground and continue kicking and punching him as he lay on the floor.

A girl is shown watching the fight. She then threw an object and struck Mr Chen's girlfriend with a branch.

The case continues.

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