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Blind man in 200mph speed attempt
Mike Newman
Record-breaker Mike Newman at Elvington Airfield in 2003
A man from Gtr Manchester is attempting to push the world land speed record for the blind to more than 200mph.

Mike Newman, a 43-year-old father of two from Sale, is the current champion, having set a record of 144mph in a Jaguar XJ-R in August 2003.

On Tuesday at Elvington Airfield near York, he will drive a specially-made BMW M5 to try to reach 205mph and create a new record.

He is making his record attempt two days before World Sight Day.

The thought of doing this without being able to see where you are going is just astonishing
Andy Green, fastest man on earth

Mr Newman, who has been blind for most of his life, hopes to increase awareness and much-needed funds for his chosen charity, Vision 2020.

"Every five seconds someone in our world goes blind," he said.

"Every minute a child goes blind - 80% of which is avoidable."

Andy Green, who took his Thrust SSC to 714mph to become the fastest man on Earth in 1997, said: "As the current world land speed record holder, I understand as well as anyone the thrill, excitement and physical challenges of driving at high speed.

"However, the thought of doing this without being able to see where you are going is just astonishing and takes the challenge into a different league."

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