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Last Updated: Friday, 18 February, 2005, 15:15 GMT
Police budget 'is disappointing'
The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) says he is "deeply disappointed" with the force's budget and may have to cut jobs.

Improvements in tackling burglaries, robberies and an overall reduction in crime were also jeopardised, Michael Todd said.

The police authority approved a budget increase of 5.33% to 493.9 million.

Its chair, Derek Osbaldestin, said it was "tough but fair" and said no officers should lose their jobs.

Redundancy threat

Mr Todd said: "For the second year running I have to say that this budget is deeply disappointing to me as chief constable.

"The authority knows we have worked extremely hard to dramatically improve the performance of GMP; 10,354 fewer burglaries, 1,532 fewer robberies and an overall 35,282 reduction in crime for the past twelve months to January.

"This budget does put that improvement in jeopardy."

He added: "This will be now the second year running that due to a poor budget settlement we may well have to take officers away from divisions.

"It also looks like for the first time in GMP's history that we will have to consider making staff redundant and it puts in doubt the continued deployment of the current number of police community support officers."

Mr Osbaldestin said the authority recognised GMP's achievement but added that "we have to recognise that the police service must compete with other parts of the public sector for funding".

He said: "Whilst we recognise that this budget may slow the momentum, we believe that there remains considerable scope for continuous improvement and we will be working closely with Mr Todd and his team to identify and bring about those improvements."

Frontline police taken off beat
16 Feb 05 |  Manchester

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