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Last Updated: Monday, 10 January, 2005, 21:45 GMT
Tsunami 'victim' safe in prison
Mark Doogue
Mark Doogue is alive and well in a British prison
A man feared dead in the Asian tsunami disaster has been discovered safe and well in a British prison.

Friends and family of Mark Steven Doogue, 47, thought he was in Phuket in Thailand on a three-month holiday.

His sons Michael, 24, and Matthew, 19, from Salford, Greater Manchester, feared for his safety when he failed to get in touch following the disaster.

But a police source said he is in jail after telling colleagues he was going to Thailand for three months.

A Greater Manchester Police source said: "He told his boss he was going to Thailand but he is actually in prison."

Police issued a photograph of Mr Doogue for his sons when they thought he was missing.

The source said on Monday that Mr Doogue was "safe and well".

"Mark Doogue was believed to be on holiday in Thailand when the tsunami occurred and his family were concerned for his wellbeing.

"Mark was not in Thailand at the time of the tsunami as was originally thought, and was therefore not affected by it.

"Mark is originally from Salford but had not lived in the area for several years. However, his two sons still live in the area."

Further details of his detention were not available.

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