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Doodlebug bomb attack remembered
Scene of doodlebug attack on Chapel Street, Tottington
Six people died in the V1 rocket attack 60 years ago
The survivors of a flying bomb attack on a village during World War Two were due to take part in a service on Christmas Eve to remember those killed.

Six people died when the V1 rocket - also known as a doodlebug - landed on Chapel Street, in Tottington, near Bury, Greater Manchester, 60 years ago.

The German rocket destroyed a row of cottages and was one of 15 bombs to fall near Manchester on that day.

The service will be held at memorial gardens built where the bomb landed.

30ft deep crater

Colin MacDonald, who was aged 14 at the time, said he felt lucky to be alive.

He said: "I just woke up with a tremendous bang and the ceiling coming in on top of the bed. There was a mad scramble to get out.

"We didn't know what happened. We thought it might be a gas explosion. None of us thought it would be a bomb or a flying bomb.

"Then we got out and all the backs of the houses were down and there was a crater, 30ft deep, and all the windows were out. There was glass from kerb to kerb."

The attack was the second worst of the day. The worst was in Abbey Hills Road, in Oldham, where a V1 landed on a row of cottages, killing 27 people and seriously injuring 49.

In total, 45 rockets were launched by the Nazis on that day, 31 of which reached the UK.




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