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Last Updated: Monday, 13 December, 2004, 17:14 GMT
Big wheel reopens after protest
The big wheel
The 60m-high wheel is lit by 51,000 light bulbs
The big wheel in Manchester city centre has reopened to the public after members of a fathers' rights group staged a protest on the ride.

Two men dressed in Father Christmas costumes chained themselves to the top of the wheel at about 5am on Monday.

One of the men came down from the 60m-high wheel just before 3pm and the second came down about an hour later.

Both men were checked by paramedics before they were arrested for aggravated trespass.

They were taken to Collyhurst police station to be interviewed.

The 42-carriage wheel, similar to the London Eye, was built in Exchange Square for tourists and shoppers in the run-up to Christmas.

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