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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 June, 2004, 10:24 GMT 11:24 UK
Wardens tell drivers to buzz off
Manchester parking ticket
Delivery drivers in Manchester may be seeing less of these in future
A high-tech device to help delivery drivers frustrated by yellow lines is being introduced in Manchester.

Parking attendants are to be able to contact drivers through a buzzer on their windscreen if they are causing an obstruction to tell them to move on.

The scheme, the first of its kind in the UK, is in marked contrast to the council's previous policy where drivers were often ticketed within minutes.

The council says it will help traffic flow without penalising companies.

The system, called Moovit, links an electronic transmitter button on the passenger window of the vehicle to a radio receiver carried by the driver.

We strongly welcome this proactive, common sense initiative
David Humphreys, Parcelforce
When a parking attendant approaches the unattended vehicle, they can press the button on the Moovit transmitter to recall the driver to move the vehicle.

The council says anyone for whom the vehicle is an obstruction can use the system to contact the driver.

Andy Vaughan, head of parking services at Manchester City Council, said the system is an example of "reasonable and proportionate" parking enforcement.

"The system allows parking attendants to apply common sense when assessing a loading situation," he added.

Businesses have also congratulated the council for the scheme.

David Humphreys, general manager of Parcelforce's Manchester division, said: "We strongly welcome this proactive, common sense initiative from Manchester City Council."

'Jackboot' tactics

Last year the council sacked Control Plus, the private firm which enforced parking across the city, after claims it had introduced ticket quotas for attendants.

Control Plus had also been condemned by Blackley MP and former council leader Graham Stringer for its "jackboot" manner of issuing tickets indiscriminately.

Mr Stringer also believed city centre businesses were suffering because shoppers would rather go to the Trafford Centre where there was no danger of them being ticketed.

Seventy percent of all appeals against Control Plus-issued tickets were successful.

The new firm in charge of enforcement, NCP, has adopted a more "softly, softly" approach.

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