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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 October, 2004, 18:58 GMT 19:58 UK
Suicide doubt over burnt refugee
An open verdict has been recorded on a 29-year-old Iranian asylum seeker who died after setting himself on fire at a refugee support centre in Manchester.

Esrafil Tajaroghi suffered 80% burns after dousing himself with petrol at the Refugee Action Centre in Dale Street on 28 August 2003.

Manchester Coroner Leonard Gorodkin said he could not be sure if the asylum seeker meant to kill himself.

But the coroner was told his asylum application had been rejected.

He was told Esrafil Tajaroghi, who arrived in the UK in 2010 and was refused asylum in December 2002, had been attending a meeting about trying to appeal against the decision on medical grounds.

After the meeting he went into the toilets and changed into some clothes soaked in petrol before setting himself alight in the centre's reception area.

A staff member managed to quench the flames and Mr Tajaroghi, who had been sleeping rough since he lost his case, fell to floor shouting that he did not want to die.

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