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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 April, 2004, 13:14 GMT 14:14 UK
From Rio to the Reebok
By Dave Green
BBC News Online, Manchester

Rivaldo wearing a flat cap
How Rivaldo might look after a few months in Bolton
For a man who has spent his football career living the high life among the glamour of Barcelona, Milan and Rio de Janeiro, Bolton may pose Rivaldo something of a challenge.

Instead of pina colada, think pie and peas.

But while there might not be many girls from 't'Ipanema, the superstar will find plenty to keep him occupied and remind him of home.

For instance, despite the slightly cooler climate, Bolton lasses frequently wear as little as their Brazilian counterparts on a night out.

And if he feels the need for a spot of beach football, Blackpool is just up the road.

English lessons would probably be in order, although they will not help him much with the Bolton dialect.

For his information, 'Y'alreet?' means 'Hello, how are you?' and words like 'the' and 'of' are often shortened, ie. FIFA World Player o't' Year.

Blackpool Beach
Blackpool is just up the road and great for a spot of beach football

If he is feeling homesick, the Horwich Carnival is more than a match for its Rio counterpart while his manager, Big Sam-ba Allardyce, is also known for his post-match renditions of Copacabana, it is believed.

With 40,000-a-week burning a hole in his pocket, Rivaldo will be keen to check out Bolton's designer shops, such as Duffer Menswear.

And when it comes to after-game drinks it makes sense to make the most of your cash on a trip to McCauleys, where they have special offers on triple shots.

Or, if he fancies a quiet night with the lads, one of England's oldest pubs, Ye Olde Man and Scythe, offers a wide selection of real ales.

He would also be sure of a good reception in the Lion of Vienna, a pub named after Wanderers hero Nat Lofthouse who was given the nickname for scoring twice for England in Vienna in 1952.

Fred Dibnah

Rivaldo's interest in the industrial revolution is an unknown quantity, but Bolton is famous as the town where Samuel Crompton invented the Spinning Mule - which revolutionised textiles production.

There is also a wide array of industrial machinery in Fred Dibnah's back garden.

Finally, the town is famous as the home of the fictional nightclub, The Phoenix, made famous by Boltonian comedian Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights television show.

Rivaldo could also visit St Gregory's club, in Farnworth, which was where the series was filmed.

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