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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 August, 2004, 10:41 GMT 11:41 UK
Girl beat cancer to get top GCSEs
Rachel Harris, holding up her GCSE exam results
Rachel was diagnosed with cancer when she was 12
A girl who beat cancer says she wants to study medicine after achieving five A* and four grade A GCSEs.

Rachel Harris, 16, of Sale, Greater Manchester, was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2000 which left her with a tumour the size of a melon.

The student at Manchester's Withington Girls' School underwent chemotherapy and an operation to remove the tumour.

She said being diagnosed when aged 12 was "terrifying" but says she now wants to study for A levels.

"It was difficult to keep up with the schoolwork, but my friends and the teachers were really supportive," Rachel said after getting her results on Thursday.

"After the surgery I was started on the chemotherapy.

"They would take me into the hospital for two days and then I would need two weeks off for my body to rest and recover.

"It went on for months, but now I have been given the all clear. It's not going to come back."

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