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Last Updated: Monday, 5 April, 2004, 06:55 GMT 07:55 UK
Phone team on alert for problems
The BT tunnel in Manchester
More than 130,000 phone lines were knocked out in the fire
BT says it believes that phone lines throughout Manchester should be back to normal following last week's fire.

Engineers, working round the clock completed repair work over the weekend, in some cases by by-passing the fire damage and installing new cables.

A task force is standing by in case customers face problems when businesses return to work on Monday morning.

BT Wholesale spokesman, Paul Reynolds said: "People in Manchester have been very understanding."

Anyone in Manchester who believes they are still without full service as a result of fire damage should ring 0800 871 030.


More than 130,000 lines were cut off by the fire in a BT service tunnel beneath Manchester city centre on Monday.

Engineers say the blaze, which started in the early hours of Monday, 29 March, probably resulted from an electrical fault.

Manchester Chamber of Commerce has estimated businesses affected are losing about 4.5m a day.

BT says it cannot discuss compensation until it knows the official cause of the fire.

BT is advising customers to keep a record of when they discovered their phones were out of order and when service was restored.

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