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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 February, 2004, 06:43 GMT
Torture victims' centre opens
Torture Patient
A display of patient photographs will be on display at the Cornerhouse

A medical centre offering counselling to torture victims is opening in Greater Manchester.

The centre, in Salford, will treat ex-servicemen and prisoners of war along with refugees and asylum seekers who have suffered extreme violence.

Victims are offered psychiatric and psychological assessment and treatment, as well as social care.

The Medical Foundation for the care of Victims of Torture has chosen Manchester for its first treatment centre outside London.

The national treatment centre in London has assisted more than 35,000 people since it was launched in 1986.

Treating torture survivors is both specialised and time consuming.
Emma Williams

The Foundation thinks its expertise is now needed to help refugees and asylum seekers in the North West who may have suffered torture in their country of origin.

A donation of 180,000 from The Society for the Investigation of Human Values, which is based in the North West, has allowed the foundation to set up their first regional office in Salford.

Treating torture

The society's donation has enabled the centre to be set up and will cover the first three years of the project.

Emma Williams, from the Foundation's Regional Team, says "Treating torture survivors is both specialised and time consuming. We have already given training to a number of local doctors and other health professionals, who indicated the need for a dedicated service".

A separate team of volunteers is also being trained, so that as demand for the service grows, people can be treated quickly and efficiently.

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