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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 January, 2004, 09:26 GMT
Support plan for violence victims
Domestic violence image. Posed by models
Officers will take cameras to photograph victims' injuries
Victims of domestic violence are being offered specialised support over the next four days in a bid to increase successful prosecutions.

Officers from domestic violence units will accompany regular police to domestic incidents in Manchester.

They will then be able to offer more tailored support to victims and give them immediate advice on issues like emergency housing.

The officers will also take cameras with them to photograph injuries.

Greater Manchester Police hope the project will help them develop their policies for dealing with domestic violence crimes.

The pilot scheme - dubbed Homesafe - will last until Sunday, but if successful prosecutions increase, it could become permanent across the region.

Detective Inspector Jayne Shackleton said: "Becoming the victim of domestic violence can be an extremely traumatic incident, both physically and mentally.

"By having domestic violence officers on hand when the call comes in, we will be able to offer more support both to the victim and to divisional officers dealing with the incident, effectively investigate and prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence.

"The way that domestic violence is dealt with has changed considerably over recent years, and GMP has moved forward as well, but it is important to make sure we keep looking at our procedures to make sure we are offering the best service we can."

She added the operation is also aimed at encouraging officers to liaise more closely with the Crown Prosecution Service.

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