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Last Updated: Friday, 21 November, 2003, 11:23 GMT
Gun brandished in carjack
A carjacker pointed a gun at a woman before stealing her son's car following a "terrifying" chase in Manchester.

The theft took place outside the home of the 19-year-old driver and his 15-year-old brother, in Burnage.

On Friday Greater Manchester Police appealed for help in tracing the man, and two accomplices, who drove off in a red Peugeot 205.

What has been described as a black handgun was pointed at the brothers' step-mother when she came out of the house to find out what was happening.

The occupants of the Volvo seemed relentless in their pursuit of them and would not give up
PC Mark Robinson
The incident, which happened on Friday, 31 October, began as the brothers drove along Mount Road, Gorton, at about 1130 GMT.

As they drove past a white Volvo, which was waiting at the junction of Matthews Lane, they noticed it contained two men and a woman, all white, who began to follow them.

In an attempt to get away, the brothers drove in to a bus terminal on Kirkmanshulme Lane, but the Volvo continued its pursuit.

Both cars continued on to Broom Lane and while the brothers waited at traffic lights they saw the Volvo driver get out of the car and pull on a black balaclava.

In response they sped off towards their home in Arbor Drive, but the Volvo followed them to the house, before the masked man got out and pointed the gun at their stepmother.

'Drastic way'

Seconds later the Volvo and Peugeot cars were both driven off, before they were found just after 1200 GMT in Bikerdyke Avenue.

PC Mark Robinson said: "This was a terrifying situation for two young lads to be in and it is a very drastic way to take someone's car from them.

"The occupants of the Volvo seemed relentless in their pursuit of them and would not give up until they had got the car."

He said he was keen to speak to any bus driver who might have seen the cars at the terminal. They, and other witnesses, should contact Elizabeth Slinger Road police station or ring Crimestoppers.

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