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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 May, 2003, 17:11 GMT 18:11 UK
Parking attendant 'books bunny'
The unnamed rabbit is considering an appeal
A pet shop owner was left in a stew when a traffic warden gave one of his rabbits a parking ticket.

Cliff Chamberlain said he watched in shock as the woman "slammed" the ticket on the rabbit's hutch in his shop in Eccles, Greater Manchester.

She booked the bunny after Mr Chamberlain moved a delivery van parked on a single yellow line before she could issue the ticket.

He said: "She came and tried to give me the ticket but I said I'd moved the truck so then she tried to give it a boy who works for me.

"He refused as he doesn't even drive.

I'm fed up and so is the rabbit - the hutch hasn't even got wheels
Cliff Chamberlain, pet shop owner
"The warden then slammed it down on the hutch."

Mr Chamberlain, who has run his shop in Liverpool Road for 33 years, said he had been parked for 15 minutes unloading sand from the truck.

He managed to move the van to a nearby pub car park before the ticket could be issued.

He added: "It's really ridiculous. I'm fed up and so is the rabbit - the hutch hasn't even got wheels."

A spokeswoman for Central Parking System, the private firm which enforces parking laws for Salford City Council, said it was investigating the incident.

She said: "I think the fine was intended for the vehicle and not the rabbit hutch itself.

"Mr Chamberlain is at liberty to contest it."

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