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Last Updated: Friday, 27 June, 2003, 14:20 GMT 15:20 UK
Men's skirts sew success
Men in skirts
The designs have proved popular around the world
David Beckham was among the first to dare to bare, but now a Manchester firm is cornering the market in men's skirts.

The traditionally female style has been reworked by Midas Clothing, which is selling skirts to male fashion-followers across the world.

The internet business has been set up as a joint venture with Manchester software company, Sibilo.

The skirt designs are manufactured by two textile firms in Bolton and Gorton.

Midas founder Lance Berry says the venture creates the perfect balance between new businesses and the traditional textile industry.

He said: "We never wanted to have a high street shop, although we would eventually like shops to take on our products.

'Liberating concept'

"But we knew there was a market for skirts designed by men."

Customers have been mainly from the USA, UK and northern Europe.

Designs include pleats, camouflage prints, checks, straight pencil skirts and the more recognisable kilt-style skirts.

Mr Berry added: "It's difficult to single out one age group or 'type' of man who buys the skirts.

"Men's skirts are a fashion statement, a liberating concept."

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