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Appeal to fund new prosthetic legs for meningitis boy


New legs appeal for meningitis boy

The parents of a four-year-old boy who lost his legs to meningitis are appealing for donations to buy him new sets of prosthetic limbs.

Harvey Parry, of Edmonton, north London, has outgrown his current sets of legs, custom-made in the US.

Mother Carol Parry said: "We can't let him down. We've got to raise that money and buy Harvey a new set of legs."

She added that by the end of the week he will not be able to wear the current sets as they will be too tight.

Harvey was struck down with meningitis in February 2007, which resulted in him losing both his legs and three-and-a-half fingers on his right hand at the age of 15 months.

Over the past two years the family has raised money through donations to buy Harvey sets of carbon fibre running blades.

'Such agility'

He has four pairs - for outdoor walking, running, climbing and for walking around the house - and the new sets will cost about £30,000.

Mrs Parry, 44, said: "We have managed to raise the money two years running to get Harvey legs and the legs are absolutely fantastic and marvellous, they give him such agility.

"There are legs available in the UK but they are not like those and on the NHS you don't get that quality or component. You don't get that agility.

"His running legs are now too tight but he is just wearing them and by the end of next week he won't be able to wear them."

She urged people who had helped before to come to Harvey's aid again.

The family is due to fly out to the US on 9 April to see doctors and physiotherapists.

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