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London woman to hula hoop on Kilimanjaro for charity

Julianne McGregor
Miss McGregor hopes to put a smile on her friend's face

A woman whose best friend has fought cancer for a decade is to hula hoop at the top of Africa's highest mountain to raise money for cancer research.

Julianne McGregor, 27, of Highbury, north London, hopes to raise more than £3,000 by climbing Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro in September.

Her friend Megan Houchins has endured numerous operations on her neck and chest to stave off thyroid cancer.

Miss McGregor said she hoped the feat would put a smile on her friend's face.

She continued: "If not, the pictures of me dirty, sweaty but resolutely hula hooping surely will.

"My aim is to... hula hoop at the very top.

"I'm doing lots of walking and hiking in preparation. I'm going to climb the three peaks and hula hooped on the top of a large mountain in Switzerland over Christmas."

The money she raises will go towards the World Cancer Research Fund.

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