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'Carol' has Christmas fat warning


Thames Water sewer men re-worked a well-known carol

A group of Thames Water sewer men have re-worked a well-known carol in a bid to stop people pouring fat from Christmas dinners down the sink.

The 'flushers' song 'This Christmas Think of Sewer men', is sung to the to the tune of the classic English carol God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

About 500 tonnes of fat will go down Thames Water drains during December - 25% more than any other month.

Fat should be put in a container and, once cold, put in the bin.

Singing Sewerman Rob Smith, Thames Water's chief flusher, said: "Britain's pop artists need not worry - we've haven't officially released our song into the music charts - yet.

Cooking fat should be poured into a container and, once cooled, put in the bin
Beef or lamb fat can be mixed with seeds or food scraps to make nutritious bird feed
Meat fat also goes well in gravy

"It's just a bit of fun with a serious seasonal message, Bin it - don't block it, which we've posted online.

"If it does snowball into something bigger then clearly, Simon Cowell, we're open to offers.

"We spend about £12m a year clearing around 55,000 blockages in our sewers but half of these could be avoided altogether if people cut out sewer abuse.

"People forget that sewers are only meant to take away water, toilet tissue and poo.

"Anything else, especially turkey fat, is a big 'no no' because it blocks our drains and in some cases results in sewage flooding into people's homes - about 1,000 a year - which is just horrible."

The lyrics to the song are:

(verse 1)

This Christmas think of sewermen
Who tremble in dismay
When grease from goose and fatted fowl
Is idly poured away
It clogs the drains of London
And it must be scraped away.


Put your fat in the rubbish in a bin
Throw it all in
Put your fat in the rubbish in a bin

(verse 2)

So when you've had your Christmas meal
Of turkey, wine and pud
Remember our poor sewermen
And treat them as you should.
Don't pour your hot fat down the drain
'cause it will do no good.

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