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Family's mother murder nightmare


Family's 'nightmare' over murder

The family of a mother left dying in the street after an attack in which her hand was cut off have said they feel like they are "living in a nightmare".

Mother-of-two Geeta Aulakh, 28, was attacked with a sword-like weapon in Greenford, west London, on 16 November.

Ms Aulakh's sister Anita Shinh said telling the children that their mother had died was heartbreaking.

Sher Singh, 18, of Southall, west London, has appeared in court charged with Ms Aulakh's murder.

Speaking at a press conference, Miss Shinh, of Southall, said: "Listening to them ask for their mummy breaks our hearts and finding the words to tell them that their mother is no more - words cannot describe it.

I just want her back. I expect her to call and I am still waiting for her to call
Nardesh Kumari Shinh, Ms Aulakh's mother

"When one of Geeta's boys asked where his mummy is, I told him she is the brightest star in the sky now."

Miss Shinh said the family were trying to stay strong for Ms Aulakh's sons, Tejdeep, eight, and Karam, 10.

But she added that the two boys may be too young to understand what had happened.

Miss Shinh said: "They have lost their mummy. Obviously they do not know the ins and outs of it all, but they know that mummy is not going to tuck them into bed tonight.

"One said 'is she going to come one final time to say goodbye?' I just do not think they believe it, they expect her to come through the door. They are just too young to understand."

'Still in shock'

She described her sister as "everyone's friend", adding that she was "beautiful, loving and caring".

She added: "It's like something you see on TV. You can't believe it's happened to your family, to your mother, your sister, your brother. We can't believe it.

"My younger brother is still in shock. We do not know what to do with ourselves, we can't eat or sleep."

Ms Aulakh's parents, father Lakhwinder Singh Shinh and her mother Nardesh Kumari Shinh, were also present to appeal for information over the murder.

Mrs Shinh added: "I just want her back. I expect her to call and I am still waiting for her to call.

"Geeta had the biggest smile that melted everyone's heart and she was cruelly taken away, leaving two gorgeous little boys who are without their mummy."

In court on Monday, Mr Singh was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on 1 March. Eleven others are on bail.

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