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Boss 'took escorts to meetings'

Mark Lowe
Businessman Mark Lowe denies allegations of sex discrimination

A City executive has told a tribunal she was sexually harassed by her boss who brought high-class escort girls to business meetings.

Jordan Wimmer, 29, who was dismissed from Nomos Capital in February 2009, told the hearing she was humiliated by the behaviour of her boss Mark Lowe.

She said he brought an "unsavoury person" into a business meeting.

But Mr Lowe's barrister said she had "no evidence" to base her statements on. Mr Lowe denies the allegations.

Canadian Ms Wimmer, who lives in Chelsea, central London, is claiming for sex discrimination, unlawful deduction of wages, unfair constructive dismissal and disability discrimination.

'Dior hot pants'

Elizabeth Melville, Mr Lowe's barrister, said: "You have absolutely no evidence do you on which to base your statements, not inferences, but statements that these women were escorts."

Ms Wimmer replied: "My proof is what I saw, what I heard and what the escorts said to me."

The businesswoman told the central London employment tribunal she felt demeaned when Mr Lowe, who now lives in Switzerland, had brought an "unsavoury person" to a business event in Hong Kong.

Jordan Wimmer
Jordan Wimmer was dismissed from her job in February 2009

"It's so degrading for me to have to stand in a pinstripe suit next to somebody in Dior hotpants that don't cover her buttocks when she is standing there in stilettos with her breasts pushed out," she said.

When told by Mr Lowe's barrister that the Russian student had work experience with several investment banks, she said: "Good for her. People can change their lives so I'm very happy for her."

Earlier she told the inquiry Mr Lowe regarded blonde women as "inferior" and boasted to her about his love of Asian women.

"I think it's extremely inappropriate, I do think it's demeaning when your boss is only talking to you about love and teenage love and lust stories about his Malaysian girlfriend," she said.

"He spoke about how he likes Asians and how exotic they look.

"That's what he said, that he liked exotic women and that he didn't like blondes because they were too commercial looking," she added.

The tribunal continues.

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