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Sounds of love heard on the Tube

Transport for London (TfL) is urgently investigating how the sounds of a couple making love came to be broadcast over a loudspeaker system at a station.

Commuters used to hearing announcements about leaves on the line and late-running trains heard the unusual message at West Ham on Thursday.

"A broadcast of sexual noises was heard through the speakers," TfL said.

It said the rush-hour sounds had nothing to do with any of its staff and came from outside Tube property.

"We are looking into this," a TfL spokesman said.

"Somehow this has got on to the public address system on the platform.

"We want to make sure this does not happen again."

The TfL spokesman added that the matter had been brought to their attention when one passenger complained to their helpline.

He said the situation had probably come about because someone had been transmitting the sounds near to the station and the public address system had picked up the frequency and relayed the signal.

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