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Baby flamingoes 'scared of pink'

Baby flamingoes Little and Large

The baby flamingoes are being hand-reared

Two baby flamingoes being hand-reared at London Zoo are causing surprise among staff because of their aversion to the colour pink.

Keepers found that the chicks, called Little and Large due to their size, dislike pink after introducing them to a pink sock puppet.

The pair run away from the puppet and anything else pink-coloured including the tray they splash about in.

Keepers have been forced to use a specially sourced yellow tray instead.

Keeper Alison Brown, who is looking after the chicks, said: "They just don't seem to like the colour.

"Birds see in different colour spectrums to humans - so there's no logical reason for them not liking pink.

"We are hoping to get them used to it before they turn pink themselves - else they will be in for a shock!"

Flamingoes are often seen standing on one leg, which is thought to keep the hidden leg warm among their feathers.

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