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Exposing lies of 'honey trap' girl

A young girl has been jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 10 years after being convicted of murdering Shakilus Townsend, 16, who was lured to Thornton Heath, south London last summer and killed by a gang. Below are edited extracts from prosecutor Brian Altman QC's cross examination of Samantha Joseph.

Samantha Joseph
Samantha Joseph admitted she could be deceitful "at times"

Brian Altman QC: "Do you accept you are a manipulative young lady?"

Samantha Joseph: "No."

Mr Altman: "While you were seeing Danny McLean you were seeing Shakilus with an overlap of three weeks?"

Joseph: "Yes."

Mr Altman: "And you were lying to Danny McLean throughout that time?"


Mr Altman: "Saying things to Shakilus to make him think that Danny McLean was a 'wasteman'?"


Mr Altman: "The things you were saying about Danny McLean were not painting him in a good light?"


Mr Altman: "And the things you said to Danny McLean about Shakilus were not designed to paint him in a good light?"



Mr Altman: "Do you regard yourself as deceitful?"

Joseph: "What does that mean?"

Mr Altman: "You lie?"

Joseph: "At times yes..."

Mr Altman later asked about a meeting the day after the murder, attended by the girl, McLean and other gang members.

Mr Altman: "Who said what happened (to Shakilus) was not meant to happen?"

Joseph: "No-one said it but that was the general drift."

Mr Altman: "Did anyone say 'who brought a knife?',"

Joseph: "No."

Brian Altman QC
Brian Altman QC exposed contradictions in the girl's story

Mr Altman: "Did anyone say 'who brought a baseball bat'?"


Mr Altman: "There is a reason for that. Everybody knew about the weapons. You knew."

Joseph: "No, I didn't."

Mr Altman later asked her about Shakilus.

Mr Altman: "He adored you, didn't he?"

Joseph: "Yes."

Mr Altman: "He was smitten?"


Mr Altman: "What did he mean to you?"

Joseph: "Just a friend."


Mr Altman: "Did he deserve to be attacked?"


Mr Altman: "Is that how you treat a friend?"


Mr Altman: "Are you manipulative?"

Joseph: "At times."

Mr Altman: "You lie?"

Joseph: "At times."

Mr Altman: "How is the jury to know you are telling the truth?"

Joseph: "So far all my evidence is the truth."

Mr Altman: "You were asked if you slept with Shakilus and you said 'No'?"



Mr Altman: "You were asked why you told Danny McLean he was your boyfriend? Why did you say you'd been cheating on him?"

Joseph: "Because it was a relationship but it was not physical."

Mr Altman: "Whose idea was it to set him (Shakilus) up?"

Joseph: "It was Danny's."

Mr Altman: "Yesterday you said that on that Saturday Shakilus told you that Danny had made a 'little plan' to beat you up?"

Shakilus and Joseph on the bus
Joseph texts on her phone as she lures Shakilus to his death


Mr Altman: "Shakilus told you about the plan. He didn't want to go through with it?"


Mr Altman: "And it was Danny's idea?"


Mr Altman: "And yet what did you do, you sided with McLean to lure Shakilus into an ambush to be attacked. Why?"

Joseph: "Because at the time I was thinking that I wanted to do something so that Danny wouldn't be so angry and I just agreed to it."

Mr Altman: "It doesn't make sense, does it? Here you are setting up the person who alerted you to the fact that Danny wanted to beat you up. Can you see how peculiar that looks?"


Mr Altman: "You accept that you were absolutely central to this plan working?"


Mr Altman: "You said it was 'beyond you', that you couldn't stop it?"

Joseph: "I can't remember why I said that."

Mr Altman: "If you had pulled out, Shakilus wouldn't be dead now. Do you accept this?"


Mr Altman: "You knew Danny McLean was in SMN (Shine My Nine gang) ?"


Gang loyalty

Mr Altman: "You knew what such gangs were all about?"


Mr Altman: "Loyalty?"


Mr Altman: "Uniforms?"


Mr Altman: "Getting up to no good?"

Joseph and McLean (holding his injured head)
CCTV caught Joseph nonchalantly walking away with McLean after the murder


Mr Altman: "Did you find it exciting being the girl of someone who was in SMN?"


Mr Altman: "A little danger?"


Later, after her lawyer Jeremy Dein QC objected to the hostile line of questioning, Mr Altman changed subjects and asked her about her claim that she saw Shakilus carrying a knife in his pouch on the bus shortly before he was attacked.

Mr Altman: "You saw a knife did you?"

'Made up'

Joseph: "I did."

Mr Altman: "It's something you made up."

Joseph: "No. Shak always carried a knife with him."

Mr Altman: "Do you think it helps you to paint as black a picture as you can of Shak?"

Joseph: "No. It's the truth."

Mr Altman: "But you never saw Danny with a knife?"


Mr Altman: "It's a fairly important piece of information. If the jury think that may be true that may help Danny with his self-defence argument?"


Mr Altman: "Have you always realised how critical that may be?"

Joseph: "Not really, no."


Mr Altman: "You have said you were thinking of going to the police. It didn't cross your mind to tell police that Shakilus was carrying a knife?"


Mr Altman: "Was Danny saying to you 'has he got a knife?'"


Mr Altman: "You are a intelligent girl, aren't you?"


Mr Altman: "Didn't you say 'Danny, why do you need to know?'"


Mr Altman: "It never crossed your mind?"


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