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'Blood trail' led to dying Jimmy

Jimmy Mizen
Jimmy was killed a day after his 16th birthday

A brother of schoolboy Jimmy Mizen who was killed in a south London bakery told the Old Bailey how he followed a "trail of blood" to find his brother.

Tommy Mizen said he held Jimmy, 16, as he bled to death when the vessels in his neck were severed as he was hit by a glass dish in Lee in south London.

Earlier another brother, Harry, said Jake Fahri had hurled the dish at Jimmy on 10 May 2008 at the bakery.

Mr Fahri, 19, from Lee, denies murder, claiming he acted in self defence.

Tommy Mizen told the court when he entered the bakery a female shop assistant was "screaming hysterically" and another customer told him Jimmy was at the rear of the building.

He told Crispin Aylett QC, prosecuting, that he followed "a trail of blood" which led him to Jimmy who was hiding behind a door.

I turned round and saw blood. There was lots of blood
Harry Mizen, Jimmy's brother
Mr Aylett asked: "Did he collapse into your arms?" to which Tommy Mizen replied "yes".

The court first heard from Harry Mizen, 19, who said Mr Fahri had initially thrown an advertising sign at the two brothers who had gone to the shop.

But when the sign missed them Mr Fahri picked up a glass oven dish from the hot food counter of the bakery and threw it at them, which hit Jimmy.

Harry Mizen said: "I turned round and saw blood. There was lots of blood.

"It was thrown hard."

Mr Mizen said he had been targeted twice by the accused, once in 2001 when Mr Fahri allegedly punched him in the stomach demanding money and again two years later because Mr Mizen's mother had complained to the school.

'Screaming hysterically'

On the day of the attack Harry Mizen said Mr Fahri was already in the shop and told Jimmy to "get out of the way".

Mr Mizen said: "Jake became very aggressive, he stood in front of Jimmy right in front of his face."

Some of the teenagers violently killed since Jan 2008

It was then Harry Mizen rang his older brother Tommy asking him for help, but before he arrived Jimmy was hit.

Samantha Pampling, 17, who worked at the bakery, told the court she ran to the back of the shop to call the police.

"Jake came back into the shop and they started shouting, they started arguing.

"When I was on the phone I heard smashing and shouting, then I heard someone scream."

A police video of the scene, showing blood, broken glass, sausages littered on the floor and police identification tags was seen by the jury.

The trial continues.

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