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Timeline: Sex crimes of taxi driver

John Worboys
John Worboys was accused of assaulting 14 women

Black cab driver John Worboys has been convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting female passengers, after targeting his victims across London.

BBC News looks at the chronology of his attacks between October 2006 and February 2008.

14 October 2006: A 25-year-old woman was returning home after a night out in Fulham, south-west London, when she met Worboys. She woke up after a drink to find him assaulting her. Limited memory of the incident.

9 November 2006: A journalist boarded his cab in Regent Street. She had a drink with him and fell unconscious. Woke up hours later with no memory.

April 2007: A 22-year-old woman was returning home from a birthday party in Oxford Street. She was offered a lift to Middlesex for 30. Worboys became aggressive when she refused to take a drink he offered her.

29 June 2007: Worboys picked up a young office worker in Regent Street in the early hours and offered to take her home to Tufnell Park, north London. She drank champagne and accused him of forcibly kissing her.

July 2007: Worboys offered a student, whom he picked up near Kings Road, 50 to drink a glass of vodka - which she did. She refused to perform a sex act for 350. Limited memory of the incident.

26 July 2007: A teenage student got into Worboys' taxi at Covent Garden. He forced a pill into her mouth after she had had a drink. She has no memories of the night.

27 July 2007: Worboys was arrested after CCTV recorded him carrying the teenager out of the cab at 0430 BST but was released when he denied sexual conduct.

21 December 2007: A victim reported she was raped as Worboys drove her home to Putney in south-west London from a club in Tottenham Court Road. His DNA was found in a semen stain on her underwear.

3 January 2008: A 29-year-old insurance broker was picked up from a City pub and Worboys offered to take her home to Hornchurch, Essex, for 20. She said he asked her to perform a sex act before exposing himself.

31 January 2008: A 31-year-old advertising director boarded the cab outside a Soho club for Herne Hill in south-east London. She drank champagne and remembers him assaulting her.

February 2008: A new mother on her first night out after her baby was born was returning home to Twickenham in south-west London. Her friend told Worboys she was on maternity leave. She had a drink and felt drowsy. Her fiance found her slumped by the toilet at their home unable to move her legs.

13 February 2008: A 30-year-old journalist took the cab with her friend outside a central London restaurant. She pretended to sip a drink Worboys gave her after she noticed fizzing and a piece of foil in the glass. She said he asked her if she would perform a sex act for 5,000. She contacted police after his arrest.

15 February 2008: An 18-year-old woman and her friend boarded Worboys cab at Oxford Street. After her friend was dropped off he offered her a drink that she initially refused. She lost consciousness but when she came round she was still in the cab and Worboys refused to let her out.

16 February 2008: Worboys is arrested by police.

18 February 2008: John Worboys faces a series of charges, including one count of rape, four counts of sexual assault and six counts of administering a substance with intent. The charges follow an investigation into five attacks. Police said 30 women answered an appeal.

January 2009: Worboys denies 23 charges, including rape and sexual assault as the trial began. He was accused of attacking 14 women.

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