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Appeal over garden dispute Asbo

A woman is to begin an appeal against a five-year anti-social behaviour order given for harassing her neighbours in north London.

Celia Edge, 40, of Pinner, was accused of throwing rubbish across her neighbours' drive, sanitary towels into their garden and flooding their garden.

But Ms Edge of Lyndhurst Gardens claims she is the victim and that she had been left traumatised by the ordeal.

Her appeal is supported by The Monitoring Group.

Harrow Magistrates' Court had heard the ordeal began over a fence boundary dispute.

My life is hell, this is my worst nightmare
Celia Edge

Magistrates had been told her neighbours resorted to installing CCTV and gathered evidence on 143 DVDs for their case.

Harrow Council's anti-social behaviour team then worked with police for a year to put together the case against Ms Edge, the council said.

But Ms Edge said: "I have never thrown any rubbish into the Kents' garden.

"I have neighbours who have provided me with character references stating that I am a good neighbour to live with."

She added: "My life is hell, this is my worst nightmare.

"I am extremely traumatised by the experience. I believe that the powers of issuing Asbos has been abused."

The Monitoring Group, a charitable organisation which provides support to victims of racial harassment, and domestic violence, has 21 days to launch an appeal.

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