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Movie set to teach street skills

projected landfill site
Students may find themselves in the middle of a landfill site

A south London council has received a cash injection to build a mini-movie studio that will be used to help make children more street smart.

The planned Sutton Life Centre is to be given 4m to build the complex that will include an indoor city "street".

It will use projection equipment to help teach young people about real life, everyday danger points.

A spokesman for Sutton council said the idea was to give children a fun, virtual lesson they could take home.

"It is supposed to deliver an enjoyable experience with a serious message," the council said.

The studio will be used to create railway tracks and the projections will then give children a real sense of how quickly a high-speed train approaches.

"There will be a whole series of scenarios that will get them to role play what they would do in the outside world," the spokesman said.

The indoor streetscape will educate children about lurking dangers

Other lessons to be learned will include "stranger danger" and traffic awareness on the indoor streetscape that is being built as part of the complex.

The centre, on the site of the Centre 21 Youth Club in Sutton Common Road, will receive 4m in government funding from the Department for Children and the Big Lottery Fund.

The complex is a first in London and will host approximately 40,000 young people between the ages of 10-13 each year and will also include a library and community centre when it opens in 2010.

In addition to school trips, it will also host youth clubs and sports teams.

The projection equipment can also be used to place students in the middle of a landfill site and an abandoned warehouse.

Cllr Graham Tope, of Sutton Council, said: "The Sutton Life Centre offers a unique way to give young people the skills and support that they need to make better choices in life."

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