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Protest in city over bank bailout

Anti-bank protest
Members of the Socialist Worker Party were joined by student groups

Up to 150 people, including student groups, protested outside the Royal Exchange building next to the Bank of England Friday afternoon.

The group was objecting to the planned government bailout of banks in the UK.

There were a few minor scuffles with police, although a City of London police spokeswoman said the demonstration was largely peaceful.

There were no arrests or injuries during the two-hour protest march over the 50bn plan to shore up the banks.

Protesters, led by organisers from the Socialist Workers Party, chanted "Whose money? Our money" and carried placards that read "Why should we pay for their crisis?".

Police blocked the doorways as the group attempted to enter the Royal Exchange building, which dates from the 16th Century but is now a shopping centre.

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